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Cars That Watch Their Drivers Could Reteach the World to Drive

Automakers are adding cameras and algorithms that monitor and nudge drivers to improve safety and ensure people supervise automated driving aids.

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Welcome to the Comfy Office of the Future

To lure back workers and compete with the convenience of home, companies are offering more substantial perks and giving architects freedom to experiment.

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In Ukraine, Crypto Finds a Purpose

The UN’s refugee agency has partnered with blockchain and money transfer companies to get vital aid to people displaced by conflict.

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Wine, Skiing, and Loans: How Silicon Valley Bank Became Startups’ Best Friend

Founders and investors say the bank opened doors—and offered perks—no other bank would. Now companies may face a funding gap.

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GPT-4 Will Make ChatGPT Smarter but Won’t Fix Its Flaws

A new version of the AI system that powers the popular chatbot has better language skills, but is still biased, prone to fabrication, and can be abused.

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Neuromarketing and the Battle for Your Brain

You experience subtle and overt manipulation on the web every day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t think and act for yourself.

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Scams Are Ruining Pakistan’s Digital Economy

Ecommerce is booming, but as one gaming group found out, there are few protections for buyers.

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Ukrainians’ Google Searches Reveal a Year of Fear—and Hope

Digital traces including social posts and search queries like “How many tank squadrons?” capture a population’s struggle to survive war.

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Jenny Odell Can Stretch Time and So Can You

A conversation with the writer and artist on her new book, collective burnout, and ways to live off the clock.

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