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Three Commandments for Technology Optimists

Technology can be a powerful force for good, but its impacts are unpredictable. On the 25th anniversary of WIRED, technologists should temper their enthusiasm with proper caution.

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What Is Voldemorting? The Ultimate SEO Dis

When writers swap Trump for Cheeto and 45, it’s not just a put-down. Removing a keyword is the anti-SEO—transforming your subject into a slippery, ungraspable, swarm.

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Google Duplex, the Human-Sounding Phone Bot, Comes to the Pixel

The bot, which speaks with uncanny speech disfluencies like “um” and “umm-hmm,” will be made available select Pixel smartphones before the end of the year.

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The Next Great (Digital) Extinction

How today’s internet is rapidly and indifferently killing off many systems while allowing new types of organizations to emerge.

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Can the FCC Really Block California’s Net Neutrality Law?

A lawsuit raises novel questions about the relationship between the federal government and the states.

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Addressing Mental Health Effects, a Year After the Tubbs Fire in Sonoma

As the anniversary of the massive wildfires in Northern California arrives, researchers are trying to pinpoint the best ways to treat the anxiety, depression, and PTSD left in the disaster’s wake.

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After Troubles in Myanmar, Facebook Charges Ahead in Africa

Activists say Facebook has learned lessons from its experience in developing countries, but they question its ability, and willingness, to control misinformation and hate speech.

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Some Amazon Workers Fear They’ll Earn Less Even With a $15 Minimum Wage

Amazon recently announced significant hourly pay increases—but it’s also cutting some benefits that employees say matter to their overall compensation.

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Our 25 Favorite Features From the Past 25 Years

From an epic account of the online drug market Silk Road, to a poignant tale about a man seeking intimacy with his robot clone, these stories will blow your mind. Again.

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