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Public Programs Are Only as Good as Their Data

Most governments work off incomplete or inaccurate information, but it’s time to plug the gaps.

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How to Spot AI-Generated Art, According to Artists

Creatives disagree about the ethical uses of these tools, but one thing is clear: AI art identification is about to become a whole lot harder.

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The Small but Mighty Danger of Echo Chamber Extremism

Research shows that relatively few people exist in perfectly sealed-off media bubbles—but they’re still having an outsize impact on US politics.

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ChatGPT Stole Your Work. So What Are You Going to Do?

Creators need to pressure the courts, the market, and regulators before it’s too late.

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My Week With the Future of Garbage Bins

A device called Mill from veterans of Nest, the smart-thermostat creator, transforms your would-be kitchen waste into chicken feed.

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Tech Workers Fight for Iran Protesters as Big Tech Plays It Safe

Companies like Google have offered a muted response to unrest in Iran. Grassroots coders are tackling internet censorship on their own.

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China’s Declining Population Can Still Prosper

Research suggests that once low fertility becomes the norm, it’s unlikely to rebound. But this doesn’t need to spell disaster for the country or those with similar trends.

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Twitter’s ‘Vox Populi’ Is a Lie

Twitter’s pseudo-democracy has failed to live up to its grand ideals, but the dream of a digital town square lives on.

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Cheaters Hacked an AI Bot—and Beat the ‘Rocket League’ Elite

Expert players of the popular vehicular soccer game have been caught out by lesser players using a superhuman bot built on cutting-edge machine learning.

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