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ChatGPT Is Coming for Classrooms. Don’t Panic

The AI chatbot has stoked fears of an educational apocalypse. Some teachers see it as the reboot education sorely needs.

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Airlines and Cattle Farmers Have Beef With Google’s Climate Math

The company offers estimates of the emissions impacts of flights and recipes. Businesses with sales at stake are pushing back.

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The Rebellion Amazon Can No Longer Ignore

Warehouse workers in the UK are walking out for the first time, and they want the world to follow.

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The Earth Is Begging You to Accept Smaller EV Batteries

Electric vehicles are selling fast. But unless people change how they get around, the demand for battery materials threatens its own environmental disaster.

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The Battle Over Bike Lanes Needs a Mindset Shift

Installing protected routes tends to boost local shops. But many store owners remain attached to their street parking—and fight to protect it.

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Meta Eyes a Moderation Partner With ‘Traumatizing’ Working Conditions

Employees of outsourcing company Majorel have accused it of underpaying moderators and failing to support them.

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The ‘Enshittification’ of TikTok

Or how, exactly, platforms die.

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Hacktivism Is a Risky Career Path

The IT Army of Ukraine saw a huge influx of first-time hackers. But what happens to them after the war?

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Tesla’s Problems Go Way Beyond Elon Musk

The EV giant is alienating its customers, bringing in less revenue, and falling behind legacy carmakers.

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This Mythbustin’ Nashville YouTuber Is on a Guitar Gear Mission

Why does your guitar sound that way? Is it your amp, your pickups, or your pedals? Jim Lill is trying to find out, one filmed A/B test at a time.

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