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Amazon Wants Its Home Robot to Anticipate Your Every Need

The cutesy robot called Astro doesn’t do much now, but the company says it’s a step toward machines that understand your habits.

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The Quest to Find Twitter’s Elusive Bot Team

The social media platform’s process for moderating spam, including bots, has been mired in secrecy—until now.

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Tech Companies Are Reconsidering an Old Enemy

Nobody likes being asked to wait, but recent political history has shown that a completely frictionless internet has its own dangers.

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I Love Twitter Bots and I Cannot Lie

Don’t judge a bot by the troll farms—some make the internet a weirder and more wonderful place.

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The Unlikely Cure for Burnout? A Second Job

“Overemployment” sounds like more of the same old grind, but its underlying philosophy is critical of work.

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Brazil’s Far Right Plots Its Own January 6

Extreme content is spreading rapidly on social networks in Brazil, sparking fears of a violent uprising.

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This Student’s Side Project Will Help Decide Musk vs. Twitter

In the battle over Twitter’s future, the number of bots on the platform is a key issue. Problem is, nobody knows how to count them.

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The Secret Microscope That Sparked a Scientific Revolution

How a Dutch fabric seller made the most powerful magnifying lens of his time—and of the next 150 years—and became the first person ever to see a microorganism.

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A Sprawling Bot Network Used Fake Porn to Fool Facebook

An orchestrated attack went after an independent news website and harvested swathes of Facebook user data. And nobody can stop it.

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Why Therapy Is Broken

Everyone is telling one another to “get help,” but few acknowledge that the practice is often flawed.

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