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Virality! What Is It Good For?

It was Twitter’s greatest strength and greatest weakness—and there’s no hope for a fix.

Di Katherine Cross – Leggi l’originale

How Chinese Netizens Swamped China’s Internet Controls

The government regained control of streets and social networks, but citizens protesting zero-Covid policies proved smartphones can help fuel mass action.

Di Jennifer Conrad – Leggi l’originale

AI Reveals the Most Human Parts of Writing

When do writers want help finding inspiration? And when do they want full control? Computers could expose the true future of the medium.

Di Katy Ilonka Gero – Leggi l’originale

Why the World Fell for FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried

Despite ample reasons to be skeptical of cryptocurrency schemes, the notion of the eccentric genius accomplishing extraordinary things was irresistible.

Di Lauren Goode – Leggi l’originale

We’re in Denial About the True Cost of a Twitter Implosion

Elon Musk’s platform may be hell, but it’s also where huge amounts of reputational and social wealth are invested. All of that is in peril.

Di Eve Fairbanks – Leggi l’originale

Max Levchin’s War on Credit Cards

The PayPal cofounder on why his “buy now, pay later” company Affirm is a healthier way to borrow, what caused the techlash, and Elon Musk’s Twitter.

Di Lauren Goode – Leggi l’originale

Inside Amazon Air’s Quest to Seize the Skies

In a bid to keep its two-day delivery promise, the fast-moving tech giant entered the risk-averse air cargo business—with some bumps along the way.

Di Caitlin Harrington – Leggi l’originale

San Francisco’s Killer Police Robots Threaten the City’s Most Vulnerable

Law enforcement says that in some scenarios a lethal robot is the only way to protect public safety. Experts say the policy will harm communities of color.

Di Khari Johnson – Leggi l’originale

How to Make the Most of In-Person Conferences

Now that live events are starting up again, here are some tips on how to get back out there, while staying safe and sane.

Di Lisa Kanarek – Leggi l’originale

Electric Vehicles Cut US Gas Consumption by a Measly 0.54%

A new report shows that national gasoline usage barely changed in 2021, despite increasing EV adoption.

Di Jonathan M. Gitlin, Ars Technica – Leggi l’originale