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A People’s History of Black Twitter, Part II

No longer just an online movement, Black Twitter takes to the streets—and finds its voice.

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These Bendy Chips Fit in Unusual Places

Researchers think these flexible semiconductors will be able to monitor your heartbeat or tell you whether your milk has spoiled.

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Weak US Privacy Law Hurts America’s Global Standing

Unrestrained data collection and selling doesn’t just harm citizens at home. It’s terrible foreign policy.

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The Absurd Idea to Put Bodycams on Teachers Is … Feasible?

The idea to monitor educators so they don’t teach critical race theory seems ridiculous. But schools are already rife with invasive surveillance.

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Who’s Winning the War Between Biden and Facebook? Fox News

Misinformation on the cable channel may be responsible for more vaccine hesitancy than the social network.

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Why Not Use Self-Driving Cars as Supercomputers?

Autonomous vehicles use the equivalent of 200 laptops to get around. Some want to tap that computing power to decode viruses or mine bitcoin.

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Private Espionage Is Booming. The US Needs a Spy Registry

From Black Cube to Fusion GPS, the operatives-for-hire industry has recklessly exploded. Disclosure requirements could keep things in check.

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The Rocket Billionaire Who Hated Space Tourism

Plus: a lifelong love of the cosmos, future dispatches from West Texas, and routinely unprecedented weather events.

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The CDC Owes Parents Better Messaging on the Vaccine for Kids

The agency’s strange math and blunt statements are missing key nuances—and may be underplaying myocarditis cases in teenage boys in particular.

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